Ceremony Enhancements

Enhancements add symbolic meaning, beauty, great richness & depth into celebration ceremonies of various kinds. They are about connection & love, & they bring people together as a family & community. They are very much part of ceremony rituals worldwide & can be worked around various cultural themes. Different enhancements work in different ceremonies, you can pick & choose. Their style can be petite & simple, extravagant & colourful, or bold & beautiful, whatever you want to add & create into your ceremony, I will do that for you. There are many beautiful ones to choose from & I have shared below a list of the most popular. 

Unity Candle Enhancements

Wedding Unity Candles can come in all sizes, colours shapes & forms. You, or your florist can create the flower arrangements around them which can blend into your wedding colour theme & the season. The two single candles represent you each as single people & the centre candle represents you joining as the wedding couple. By lighting the single candles to the centre one - ignites your flame together, your commitment, your love to each other & so much more. This enhancement is the most popular for wedding ceremonies &  has been used in a full religious wedding ceremony for many years. 

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       Wedding Ring Blessing


The wedding rings represent commitment & the binding of your life together as a married couple.


Before the couple exchange their wedding rings vows, I wrap the rings in a special Irish linen handkerchief which can be warmed & scented with a natural perfume of your choice. There is a variety to choose from.

I then bless the rings with love & good wishes. The ring bundle can then be passed over to the parents of the wedding couple

to do same, or someone else significant of your choice.

  Unity Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony is another wedding enhancement that some couples like to include. It has a similar meaning to the unity candles - the single glasses of sand represents the couple as individuals, & the center glass piece is the unit where the couple bring their commitment's together as a married couple. Vows are read as the couple pour their sand into the center glass. Couples can choose their own vows, or I can offer you some samples. There are many ways the sand ceremony can be officiated. Sometimes couples like to involve family members also. The sand comes in various colours & rainbow colours are often used for weddings, especially amongst same sex couples. 

The sand ceremony can also be part of a Baby Naming Ceremony, where each single glass represents each child. There are endless ways to involve this beautiful enhancement into many types of ceremonies.

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Hand Binding


Hand binding, also known as handfasting, is an ancient Celtic ritual that has been used in engagement &  wedding ceremonies for thousands of years. It dates back to pagan times, & has since become very mainstream worldwide. It pops up in both religious & secular vows & readings. Its where the term ' Tying the Knot '  comes from.


The hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives together. There are a variety of beautiful cords to choose from, also ribbons can be added into the enhancement. This enhancement can also be repeated in a wedding vow renewal ceremony.

Multicultural Weddings


Integrating multi - cultural's & Multi - faiths into your wedding celebration. Bringing together different beliefs & cultures & working together to create a ceremony that acknowledges the importance of both people. 

IE: Hand Tying , Breaking the Glass , Jumping the Broom or whatever your request is, I will create for you.

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When it comes to ceremony enhancements there is a fantastic creative selection to choose from, for your engagement, elopement, wedding, baby naming, vow renewal or retirement celebration. Anything from jumping the broom, wishing jars, tree planting, rose ceremony, herb baskets, or a ceremony created around your favourite book or music. I will work with you to build a enchanting creative ceremony of your choice. Its all about love & celebrations.