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 Weddings & so much more 


Honouring your commitment of your couple relationship, being in love, & your road to marriage.


Engagement Ceremonies can take place in your home, on a beach, or many other suitable places. They can often be private with just the couple only & Celebrant, or one of the partners may like to surprise the other - offering their hand in marriage.

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Couples who want to marry in private, two people who just cherish each other & want that unique destination wedding ceremony in Ireland, or abroad. Eloping is adventurous & very unique to the couple relationship.

Elopement ceremonies can take place at custom venues or the great outdoors. Here on our  fabulous Island  of Ireland you have  a number of places to choose from, or if you wish & I can recommend a few very beautiful private settings for your special day.  

Wedding ceremonies happen in all shapes & sizes. My ceremonies are purely ceremonial, they are magical & can be officiated anywhere, indoors or outdoors. It could be in your home garden - your backyard space, or maybe you want to have your ceremony in a forest, or perhaps in a community hall.
If your choosing your wedding ceremony to be indoors then custom venues are the place, like restaurant's, hotels, castles or marquees. Let it be small & intimate or big & loud - I will officiate. It will be your dream ceremony come true.
Its your day guys, your choice, your way.

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 Legal Marriage Registration

In order for you to register for your legal marriage licence, you must contact this HSE civil site - click on their link below, to set up your date with them. Please remember that you must give them 6 months notice. I can advise the steps you need to take with that - please email me. 

For those  coming in from abroad & getting married in Ireland, you will need to organise your legal wedding from your own country. Once you have your legal marriage organised you are free then to dive into your wedding ceremony planning, which I will happily officiate for you. It will be your day to have fun, relax & celebrate big time with your family & friends.  

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   Vow Renewals
Many couples like to find a way to acknowledge their continued wedding commitment, their love to & for each other, & redefining the symbolic meaning of their wedding rings.
Some like to mark it on a wedding anniversary, others plan it as a total surprise to their wedding partner. Whatever you decide, I will work with you. Your wedding vow renewal ceremony can happen in your home, hotel, a spiritual centre, a park, or a back room in a pub, wherever you choose, I will be with you all the way.


' And when we kissed one another for the first time I could swear I heard our souls whisper ever so quietly,                              ' Welcome Home ' . '


- Beau Taplin

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