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Tying the Knot in the Emerald Isle for Americans

Many American's choose Ireland as their choice of wedding destination for many reason's. Firstly its wonderful green lush landscapes, the wild Atlantic ocean and coastline, charming country manor houses, luxury Irish Castles & Hotels.

In fact many American couples wed in Ireland due to the country's strong connection to their own heritage, which makes a destination wedding in Ireland even more meaningful.

In order for American's to get married legally in Ireland documentation is required.

Your U.S. birth certificate with an Apostille for the Irish Authorities. You also must get in touch with the Irish Civil Registration Service. At present 6 months notice is required. For full details click on link below

American's can elope in Ireland also. However, if you are having a legal wedding ceremony for your elopement then the same rules apply as above.

Americans can have a non-religious - non-legal wedding ceremony in Ireland, which is purely ceremonial. This type of wedding ceremony requires no civil documentation from the couple, except like anyone traveling from USA to Ireland - your passports & travel visa's are required. To have a non-legal wedding ceremony in Ireland then your legal wedding needs to be officiated in America first!

Everyone getting married in Ireland must be age 18 , or over.

' Tying the Knot ' is a very old Celtic pagan tradition. It has been used in Ireland for centuries, for both engagement & wedding ceremonies. A cord, ribbon/s, or belt - crios in Gaelic, can be used for this beautiful & meaningful ritual.

During the wedding ceremony the officiant explains the meaning of the ritual to the wedding couple & their guests, then the crios is gently wrapped around the couples hands , as their love for each other is binded together in their commitment as partners.

The crios is often made into a beautiful art piece later on, for the couple to hang in their home.

Planning your wedding in Ireland from America - plan in plenty of time, a year or more ahead of your wedding date so to secure your wedding venue, photographer, videographer, airline tickets, officiant , caters, wedding cake, flowers etc.

First time, out of the country travelers, should not try to get married in Ireland, as there are many logistical parts to coordinate.

If you are having a small intimate wedding, then less vendors are required. Couples getting married a second time, mostly elope, or have a small wedding. As did US couple Carol & Manuel below, who had their wedding ceremony recently in the quant but beautiful Roundwood House, Co. Laois, Ireland.

Photo by Dena


We are spiritual, but not in a traditional religious manner. Due to this fact, it was important

to find a person who could tell our story and make our wedding day truly magical. It was

to our delight that Christina’s name was given to us.

She was a pleasure to work with from our very first Zoom meeting. We never felt awkward telling her our story, as she is a kind soul who wanted to do it justice.

We had a very intimate wedding of our closest family and friends, and she included

each of them by name. It will be a day that we will never forget!

Christina’s passion in her work came through with each interaction we experienced with

her. There is no one I could recommend more for your special day! Let her be your

guide to bring out the best light and joy of your life’s journey.

Manuel and Carol


Please note that I am not responsible for the content of any third-party websites mentioned or for the quality of the services they advertise.

If you require a timely, beautiful, loving, memorable, non-religious / non-legal wedding ceremony with a Celtic vibe, anywhere in Ireland , then don't hesitate to get in contact with me below.

Yours Truly,


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